Our Process

What We Do & How We Do It

We will carefully build your website and drive targeted traffic that will interact with your site leading to more business and growth.

We do not consider a website to be just a billboard or online poster for your business; we consider it to be part of the way you do business in 2020. There are others out there that will tele-market you and build you a template site but no one will see it or interact with it. Our approach is different in that we consider a website to be a business that is there for your customers to interact with and provide real value. We also consider your website to be one of the main methods to generate qualified leads for your company.

1-The starting point is always the end user
We start by doing extensive research on the demand and market for your product and services. Is there a demand or how are people searching and researching what you offer?

2-The competition.
What's the competition like in your space? We use proprietary tools that will look deeply into what your competitors are doing. We find the most successful business in your industry and when we find them we proceed to analyze their history.

3-Your product or service and pricing?
We pride ourselves in transparency and we will tell you if spending money on interactive marketing is even worth it given your price and roi. It may be your budget is too small to even compete in your space. What we will not do is paint a rosey picture and tell you it will be easy.

4-What you look like.
As much as we would like to believe that people do not judge a book by its cover When it comes to online marketing it is simply untrue, Think about it if you were a Consumer and landed upon a page that offered what you wanted but looked unprofessional and old would you begin an interaction? In 2016 most Consumers start researching online- you must offer them a reason for doing business with you. We can help you define that reason and given actionable results on your site.

5-Then we look at the goals for your site
If you're sole aim is to generate leads, then we look into devising the least possible route to get a consumer to fill out a lead form or place a call. If you are selling goods , again we get the online shopper to the checkout window as quickly as possible without any confusion about what they are doing. We make it a point to study conversion optimization because just getting visitors Is not enough they must buy.


If you made this far into our site then you know that having a website that speaks to your customers is important to your success as a thriving business. You may also feel that you need more leads for your business to grow. We offer interactive marketing and that means a lot of things to a lot of people but in the end it is all about growing your business. Please reach out to us and I promise you at least one thing- that you will gain knowledge from our conversation and at the very least have another person's perspective on your business.


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